Ungewohnte Töne von Sonos

„We’ve had to make some chan­ges to our team. We do this with a hea­vy heart, as we are in the pro­cess of let­ting go of some Sonos employees who have play­ed important roles get­ting us to this point.“

„As we look to the future the­re are two big are­as that we’re lea­ning into: paid strea­ming ser­vices, and voice control.“

„We’re fans of what Ama­zon has done with Ale­xa and the Echo pro­duct line. […] Echo found a sweet spot in the home and will impact how we navi­ga­te music, wea­ther, and many, many other things as deve­lo­pers bring new ide­as and more con­tent to the Ale­xa platform.“

Sonos-Lineup, Stand 1Q16
Foto: Sonos

Der gan­ze Blog­post von Sonos-Chef Scott McFar­la­ne hin­ter­lässt bei mir irgend­wie ein ungu­tes Gefühl. Ich weiß auch nicht.

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