I’m So Sorry

Hier kli­cken, um den Inhalt von You­Tube anzuzeigen. 
Erfah­re mehr in der Daten­schutz­er­klä­rung von YouTube. 

Ein schö­nes Video aus dem neu­en Long­play­er „Smo­king in Hea­ven“ von den welt­bes­ten Kit­ty, Dai­sy & Lewis. Ich hat­te das Ver­gnü­gen, die drei schon zwei Mal live zu sehen. Es gibt die­ser Tage kaum etwas Bes­se­res an musi­ka­li­schem (sic!) Nach­wuchs, fin­de ich. Ich lie­be sie ein­fach. Noch ein paar Zei­len zu den Geschwis­tern aus der Wikipedia:

Kit­ty, Dai­sy & Lewis is a three-pie­ce band com­pri­sing the siblings of the Dur­ham fami­ly. Their music is influen­ced hea­vi­ly by R&B, swing, jump blues, coun­try and Wes­tern, blues, Hawai­i­an and rock ’n’ roll. They are all mul­ti-instru­men­ta­lists play­ing gui­tar, pia­no, ban­jo, laps­teel gui­tar, har­mo­ni­ca, dou­ble bass, uku­le­le, drums, trom­bo­ne, xylo­pho­ne and accor­di­on bet­ween them.

Kit­ty Dur­ham is the youn­gest of the group and pri­ma­ri­ly sings and plays drums, har­mo­ni­ca, uku­le­le, ban­jo, trom­bo­ne and gui­tar. Dai­sy Dur­ham is the eldest of the group, who pri­ma­ri­ly sings and plays drums, pia­no, accor­di­on and xylo­pho­ne. Lewis Dur­ham is the midd­le child who sings and plays gui­tar, pia­no, ban­jo, laps­teel and drums. He coll­ects and plays/DJ’s 78rpm records and has built a home stu­dio for the band to record in. It con­sists of 1940’s and 50’s recor­ding equip­ment such as 8 track tape machi­nes and vin­ta­ge BBC and RCA micro­pho­nes. Kit­ty, Dai­sy and Lewis do not use com­pu­ters or any digi­tal for­mat during the recor­ding process.

When per­forming live, their par­ents, Grae­me Dur­ham and Ingrid Weiss play gui­tar and dou­ble-bass. Grae­me Dur­ham is a foun­ding mem­ber and mas­te­ring engi­neer at The Exch­an­ge recor­ding stu­di­os in Lon­don, and Ingrid Weiss is the for­mer drum­mer of The Rain­coats and was encou­ra­ged to play the dou­ble bass by Kit­ty Dai­sy & Lewis.

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