Alles, was Sie je über WP7 wissen wollten…

…aber nie zu fra­gen wag­ten, hat Lukas Mathis hier auf­ge­schrie­ben. Ich erlau­be mir, das Fazit zu zitieren:

After loo­king at the clean, asce­tic visu­al lan­guage of WP7 for such a long time, iOS sud­den­ly seems garish, over­do­ne, and kind of ugly. Loo­king at iOS 4 feels like loo­king at a screen­shot of a pin­stri­ped Mac OS X Cheetah from 2001.4 So I real­ly don’t par­ti­cu­lar­ly want to go back to that.

Two of the issues I had with the Palm Prē don’t app­ly to my WP7 pho­ne: speed and screen size. WP7 runs gre­at on my pho­ne. Scrol­ling feels smooth in almost all cases, apps launch instant­ly. It’s usual­ly about as respon­si­ve as my iPho­ne. And the screen isn’t small; in fact, it’s lar­ger than the iPhone’s screen. It makes the iPhone’s screen look posi­tively tiny in comparison.

But there’s still the eco­sys­tem issue.

WP7 is doing quite well when it comes to games. It’s not sur­pri­sing; many Xbox titles have com­pa­n­ion titles on WP7. But for other things, it doesn’t look too gre­at. There’s no time­ta­ble app for the Swiss train sys­tem. The time­ta­ble web­site works on WP7’s Inter­net Explo­rer, but not well. There’s no Audi­ble app. One might be coming at some point, but there’s no offi­ci­al word from Audi­ble. There’s no good pod­cast down­loa­ding app. There’s no real­ly gre­at Insta­pa­per app. Soul­ver, Tweet­bot, Kine­tic, Task­Pa­per, Screens, Prompt: none of the­se apps exist for WP7.5

Some of the­se issues will even­tual­ly be fixed. The next WP7 update, Man­go, may intro­du­ce nati­ve sup­port for down­loa­ding pod­casts direct­ly. And Audi­ble will pro­ba­b­ly do a WP7 app soo­ner or later. But right now, the­se things don’t exist.

Ich wünsch­te, ich hät­te die Zeit, die Akri­bie und nicht zuletzt die Fach­kennt­nis für sol­che Posts. Kann mich nicht erin­nern, in einer Fach­zeit­schrift in letz­ter Zeit etwas der­art Sub­stan­zi­el­les gele­sen zu haben. The times, they’­re a‑changing…

Eine Blogroll habe ich augen­blick­lich nicht mehr. Aber wenigs­tens fol­ge ich @LKM ab sofort bei Twit­ter. Ich den­ke, das lohnt sich.

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