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Sir Tim Ber­ners-Lee hat gespro­chen (und er hat ver­dammt Recht):

Now is an exci­ting time. Web deve­lo­pers, com­pa­nies, govern­ments and citi­zens should work tog­e­ther open­ly and coope­ra­tively, as we have done thus far, to pre­ser­ve the Web’s fun­da­men­tal prin­ci­ples, as well as tho­se of the Inter­net, ensu­ring that the tech­no­lo­gi­cal pro­to­cols and social con­ven­ti­ons we set up respect basic human values. The goal of the Web is to ser­ve huma­ni­ty. We build it now so that tho­se who come to it later will be able to crea­te things that we can­not our­sel­ves imagine.

Das gan­ze, unbe­dingt lesens­wer­te Stück steht beim „Sci­en­ti­fic American“.


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Jörg Oyen 22. November 2010 Antworten

das hellt den grau­en, fast dunk­len, Köl­ner Novem­ber Regen­mon­tags Vor­mit­tag auf… 

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