Further up market with a16z

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And­re­es­sen Horo­witz glaubt an und steckt 50 Mil­lio­nen Dol­lar in Buzzfeed. Chris Dixon wird Direc­tor und schreibt:

BuzzFeed star­ted out focu­sing on light­weight con­tent like memes, lists, fun­ny pho­tos, etc. This led some indus­try obser­vers to dis­miss Buzzfeed as a “toy”. The com­pa­ny has sin­ce moved ste­adi­ly up mar­ket, fol­lo­wing the typi­cal path of dis­rup­ti­ve tech­no­lo­gies. It now has an edi­to­ri­al staff of over 200 peo­p­le cove­ring a wide ran­ge of topics – poli­tics, sports, busi­ness, enter­tain­ment, tra­vel, etc – and plans to invest signi­fi­cant­ly more in high-qua­li­ty con­tent in the coming years.

Ich bin mal gespannt, ob das mit den Memes und Listic­les hier in Deutsch­land auch so gut funktioniert.

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