Ästhetik des Totalitarismus

Lil Kim watching missile launch
Q: James Pear­son via Twitter

Supre­me Com­man­der of the Kore­an People’s Army Kim Jong Un, first secre­ta­ry of the Workers‘ Par­ty of Korea and first chair­man of the Natio­nal Defence Com­mis­si­on of the DPRK, gui­ded a tac­ti­cal rocket firing drill of the KPA Stra­te­gic Force. […] He gave an order for firing tac­ti­cal rockets. The moment bal­li­stic rockets soared into the sky with thun­de­rous roar.

Den gan­zen Text gibt es bei Korea News Ser­vice (KNS). Kims Vater schrieb ja mal ange­hen­den Jour­na­lis­ten ins Stammbuch:

Even when you depict a land­scape or the way of life, you must never attach importance to its­elf but sub­or­di­na­te it to the ideo­lo­gi­cal con­tent of an article.


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