Brad Smith über Skype

Brad Smith, General Counsel, $MSFT
Foto: Micro­soft

Das muss man sich echt auf der Zun­ge zer­ge­hen lassen:

Loo­king for­ward, as Inter­net-based voice and video com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons increase, it is clear that govern­ments will have an inte­rest in using (or estab­li­shing) legal powers to secu­re access to this kind of con­tent to inves­ti­ga­te cri­mes or tack­le ter­ro­rism. We the­r­e­fo­re assu­me that all calls, whe­ther over the Inter­net or by fixed line or mobi­le pho­ne, will offer simi­lar levels of pri­va­cy and security.

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